Title IMS System programmer
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Title IMS System programmer
Start Date 09-02-17
End Date 09-02-17
Location Bangalore
Job Information

Position: IMS System programmer

Location: Bangalore
Exp:  9+ years

Job Description:

  1. Engineer and execute the processes to upgrade and/or apply maintenance to releases / versions of IMS database system software, and associated third party products
  2. Analyse and Maintain IMS database environment parameters
  3. Design and management of all IMS Bufferpools
  4. Analyse and Tune Randomizing parameters for performance improvement randomization
  5. DR Exercise (Planning, Testing and Execution) for the IMS installation
  6. Startup/Shutdown of IMS regions during IPL
  7. Log Dataset Management for IMS
  8. Data Sharing implementation and Management for IMS
  9. Managing IMS Transaction Manager Resources in a IMSplex env
  10. DBRC Management for IMS
  11. Consultant on IMS database applications architecture
  12. Provide Level 3 support to troubleshoot/resolve system level and application problems with IMS Database technologies and associated Third Party products – coordinate escalation/intervention with vendor as necessary.
  13. Monitor and troubleshoot IMS address spaces for any potential issues
  14. Implement security strategy for IMS via RACF
  15. Strategy Reviews
  16. Scalability Analysis
  17. Database Architecture design strategy

18.  Planning Database maintenance window

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